1k$ into 50K$ in six month
There is no quick rich methods. with patients you can earn good income form forex. but forex is risk business for beginners.
1000$ deposit makes 50,000$ within 6 months. it’s steady income but takes time.

This is Real account not demo. Most Ea selling guys just give results with Demo account.


Live Account 1
Server : FBS-Real-8
Login: 280425030
Password: Pass12345
MT4 Platform
Live Account 2
Server : FBS-Real-8
Login: 280503234
Password: ybswz4cg
MT4 Platform
So I found best Ea with best settings. Watch these Live accounts next week or 2 or month. Any time until you satisfy.
I will not sell this Ea. I don’t need to blow your accounts. Give me your account and share profit 75/25. Yes most account manage ask 50/50. I pay for server and Ea. I will pay for server and Ea bot.You handle the withdraw and send my share after withdraw to skrill, BTC, or any other method. .You get most of the profit. Contact me.
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